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Course title: The Archaeological Heritage of Ireland
The archaeological heritage of the Irish landscape is reflected not only through the visible upstanding archaeological monuments, but through the low visibility archaeological features that may appear mundane. The course shall look at the archaeological evidence for human activity in Ireland from prehistoric (7000 B.C.) to modern times (A.D. 1800).
The course aims at introducing the participants to a select range of features of archaeological and historical interest that occur throughout the Irish countryside. These features shall include amongst other sites, megalithic tombs (e.g. Boyne Valley/ Carrowmore), crannógs (river settlements), tower houses and field systems (stone and earthen walls). The participants will learn how to identify such features and be familiar with aspects of the contemporary society that constructed, used and re-used such features.
This course is tailored to all adults who want to either learn about or advance their existing knowledge of the archaeological heritage of Ireland. The course will use case studies such as the Harvard Archaeological Expedition of the 1930's, Wood Quay in the 1970's and the results of the developer led excavations from 1990-2010.
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