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Course title: Death be not proud - funerals and funerary practices in nineteenth and twentieth century Ireland
This unique experiental course combines formal lectures, group discussions and field excursions in a relaxed and group focussed manner. The course will be delivered by a leading authority on heritage and history of Ireland.
The course aims at introducing the participants to the most difficult life stage for a family and showing how, in a uniquely Irish manner, the community comes together not just to greive, but to celebrate the life, of the deceased. The participants will be shown how wakes were orchestrated in adherence with the contemporary customs and traditions which bore their uniquely non-Christian origins. The nineteenth and twentieth centuries witnessed periods of major social change in Ireland, with religious orders providing solice, education and health services to Irish communities.
The course aims at enriching the participants understanding of the key developments during this period. In addition the participants will learn in detail about the range of cultural material associated with an Irish funeral, ranging from clay pipes to the types of grave markers.
This course is suited to anyone interested in the social history on the nineteenth and twentieth century in Ireland within the context of the funerary traditions and customs. Also suited to those interested in historic gravemarkers (their recording and interpretation) and people interested in family history. It is an informal learning outcome based course.
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